Retrospect Express HD for Maxtor OneTouch: “Can’t save setup…”

I was receiving the following error after completing the setup for Retrospect Express HD with my Maxtor OneTouch External Hard Drive:
Can't save setup, check the selected drive to make sure there is enough free space.
I had plenty of space on the drive, so I knew this couldn’t be accurate. After some research I found out that my config file was corrupt and it was an easy fix: Remove or rename the RestorePoint.rbc file in the Retrospect Restore Points folder on your external drive. Open up Retrospect Express HD and it will re-create a new config file, as well as re-create all your restore points. This can take a very long time (hours) but once it’s done you’ll be back up and running like new.


2 responses to “Retrospect Express HD for Maxtor OneTouch: “Can’t save setup…””

  1. John says:

    check the setup of the backup…

    you may be backing up the C:\ and the Maxtor drive too.. sometimes if it is set to backup my entire machine the maxtor is selected also..

    i.e. backing up the backup (run out of disc space as the backupset doubles in size every time you backup it will take a long time too)

    run through the setup of the backup and make sure when you select the drive as the “source” of the backup that only the C:\ (or D:\ if you have one) is selected and not the Maxtor also when you get to the “destination to store the backup” you make sure that only the Maxtor is selected and not the c:\

  2. Administrator says:

    No, that was not the issue. The original problem was caused when I installed Microsoft .NET 2.0, which was incompatible with the version of Retrospect I was running. That incompatability is what corrupted my config file.

    Upgrading to the newest Restrospect and then removing my original config file fixed the problem.