Helpful World of Warcraft Macros: Shaman

Below you will find a collection of my favorite Shaman macros for World of Warcraft. You may want to adjust the strings or ranks of spells to your liking. Some of these may look messy because they’ve been condensed to fit into the 255 character limit.

Ancestral Spirit

This will send a message to your /raid, /party, or /say channel when you are resurrecting a dead comrade:
#showtooltip Ancestral Spirit
/run if GetNumRaidMembers()>0 then chan="RAID" elseif GetNumPartyMembers()>0 then chan="PARTY" else chan="SAY" end
/run SendChatMessage(">>> Rezzing "..UnitName("target").." <<<",chan)
/cast Ancestral Spirit

Ghost Wolf, Flying, and Land Mounts

This macro will intelligently select the best mount for your particular environment. If you are in combat, Ghost Wolf will be used. If you are not in combat and are in a flyable area, your flying mount will be used. Otherwise, your regular land mount will be used. (Taken from Wowwiki)
/cast [Stance:1] Ghost Wolf
/cast [button:2] Ghost wolf
/cast [nomounted,flyable] Green Windrider
/use [nomounted,outdoors] Swift Olive Raptor
/cast [combat,nomounted,outdoors] Ghost Wolf