OS X Snow Leopard Bugs: Audio gets reset to mute on reboot.

While my upgrade to OS x 10.6 Snow Leopard has been mostly smooth, there are a few annoying bugs I’ve come across. This one has to do with audio – upon reboot, audio gets set to mute no matter what settings I had the volume on before. Not a big problem, but annoying none the less. Here’s how to fix it:

  1. In Finder, navigate to Macintosh HD > Library > Preferences > Audio
  2. Delete the following files:
    •      com.apple.audio.DeviceSettings.plist
    •      com.apple.audio.SystemSettings.plist
  3. Open System Preferences > Sound
  4. Set your sound to your preferred settings
  5. Exit System Preferences and Reboot

There you go! After deleting those files, they will be re-created when you go into System Preferences and your audio will no longer be muted upon reboot.