Thunderbird HowTo: Show email count in folder pane.

If you’d like to see a count of how many emails are contained in each folder in Thunderbird, here’s how:

  1. Tools > Options > Advanced > General
  2. Check “Show expanded columns in the folder pane”
  3. Click OK to accept changes.
  4. At the top of the folder pane, click the column selection icon (Thunderbird Folder Icon) and select the columns that you would like to see. You can choose to display Total, Unread, and/or Size.

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Squarepusher Q&A

Squarepusher Q&A
Came across this pretty fuckin-a-awesome Q&A session with Squarepusher on the BBC site. At some points he comes across as a rambling human thesaurus, at others an enlightened philosophy Ph.D., and still others the manical musical genius we’ve grown to love. I’d love to sit next to this dude in a pub and chit-chat for hours over some cold ones. Choice quote:

I’m interested to further my knowledge in [the cocktail] department, but as I live in a tiny Essex village with one pub that struggles to serve a decent pint of beer, my day-to-day chances of achieving this seem slim.