San Diego is not FEMA’s anti-Katrina.

The media is already salivating at the prospect of inserting FEMA’s phallus into their mouth and christening the 2007 San Diego Wildfires as the “anti-Katrina.” Granted, San Diego has handled their disaster much better than New Orleans, but believe me, it has absolutely nothing to do with FEMA. At this point, all the feds have done is drop off some cots and some politicians (Hunter, Bilbray, Issa) to take credit for how well things have gone. Their press conference on Tuesday night was a full on circle-jerk of congratulatory praise between the three, and it made me sick.

I’ve been watching this go down 24/7 since the first day, and the first 2 days were handled well by the Local (and some State) officials. Shit was already in place before Ahnold even came down here. Within a few hours, Qualcomm was set up and operating, contingency plans were put in motion, and evacuation orders were being sent out in a very organized and cautious manner. I didn’t vote for Jerry Sanders, but he has done a good job. It made me proud of my city.

FEMA deserves zero credit here. What they have brought to the table is only going into effect as of today (Wednesday, 4 days after the fires started). The threat has pretty much passed as far as the heavily populated areas in San Diego go. Most people have already gone back to their homes (if they’re still standing). Things seem to be getting back to normal and FEMA is just now getting their wheels in motion. About 4 days late if you ask me. San Diego is not FEMA’s anti-Katrina.

Where FEMA will come into play is how they handle the aftermath and the displaced people who have lost their homes. Lets see if Skeletor Chertoff and FEMA can step up to the plate.