phplist: Command not found / Bad interpreter

When using the script “phplist” to process queues or bounces on your phplist installation, you may receive the following error:
./phplist: Command not found.
This is caused by the file being in the wrong fileformat. You probably edited it on your Windows/Mac machine, uploaded it, and attempted to execute it. In order for this to work, the file must be in UNIX file format. To fix, open the file with vi (“vi phplist“) and type the following command:
: set ff=unix
Save, and exit, and your phplist should work as expected.

If you get the following error:
/bin/bash: bad interpreter: No such file or directory
That is because you either don’t have bash installed, or if you do, it’s in a different location. The first line of the phplist script (“#!/bin/bash“) must point to where your bash is installed. Find it with “whereis bash” or “find / -name bash“, edit the first line of the phplist script to match, and you should be good to go.