libpng on FreeBSD: “ld: invalid BFD target”

Ran into a little problem installing libpng 1.2.8 on FreeBSD 5.4. Running make gives the following:
ld -b +s +h -o png.pic.o pngset.pic.o pngget.pic.o pngrutil.pic.o pngtrans.pic.o pngwutil.pic.o pngread.pic.o pngrio.pic.o pngwio.pic.o pngwrite.pic.o pngrtran.pic.o pngwtran.pic.o pngmem.pic.o pngerror.pic.o pngpread.pic.o
ld: invalid BFD target `+s'
*** Error code 1Stop in /usr/src/libpng-1.2.8-config.

I found out that there is a typo in the INSTALL file that tells you to use the wrong makefile. It tells you to cp scripts/makefile.hpgcc makefile when in fact you should cp scripts/makefile.freebsd makefile. Using the correct makefile, of course, make works as expected!